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Chartres book cover

Reconstructing an Eighteenth-Century Village:
Chartres in the Illinois

Margaret Kimball Brown

St. Henry's cover

St. Henry's Preparatory Seminary, 1926-1984:
A Photographic Narrative

Daniel Franklin '66

St. Henry's cover

St. Patrick's Parish of Ruma, Illinois:
Two Hundred Years of Grace

Sister Mary Bernard Braun, A.S.C.
and Daniel Franklin

WGE cover

William Greenleaf Eliot:
Conservative Radical

Earl K. Holt III

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300 Years, 300 Stories cover image

300 Years · 300 Stories:
Prairie du Rocher, Illinois

Edited by Dan Franklin and Gerry Franklin

This captivating narrative, together with its many photos, maps, and illustrations, celebrates the tricentennial of the village of Prairie du Rocher, Illinois—French in origin, independent in spirit.
  The editors have rummaged beneath the official history to uncover slice-of-life accounts of what it has been like to live in Rocher over three centuries—the accumulated effort of 97 authors.
  There's plenty of history, of course ... the fort, the Creole House, the Commons. Yet even for these familiar topics, novel and obscure details are revealed.
  But History is the springboard to other areas: Transportation and Medicine, Commerce and Education, Entertainment and Calamity.
  Stories from the past merge to create the story of a resilient community that has loved and laughed and worked and danced its way into the 21st century.